Montebello Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning

Montebello Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning Services is one of the most experienced carpet cleaners in town. Our unsullied reputation provides clients peace of mind which comes from knowing the job will be done right the first time. Learn more about our cleaning services:

Carpet Cleaning Service Montebello CA

Montebello Carpet and Air Duct cleaning is highly recommended for high standard carpet cleaners in town. At a very reasonable price, you will be provided a high quality, immediate, hassle free and convenient carpet cleaning services. The company is using the most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning structure, which will eliminate ground-in soil and bring around your carpet’s most desirable appearance.

Before we begin our carpet cleaning service, a thorough analysis of your carpet will be done by our certified and experienced carpet cleaning technicians. They have a great understanding of the right cleaning device and know the appropriate carpet cleaning agents, and distinguish the differences in fibers and carpet constructions.

Why choose us?
  1. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. We are honoured to offer our 100% customer service guarantee for all of our carpet cleaning.
  2. Convenient Location. We are locally owned & operated to help you as one of our neighbours and to guarantee speedy, efficient cleaning services and well-timed appointments.
  3. Well-mannered and Experienced Team. Our expert team has been professionally trained and educated in the cleaning industry.
  4. FREE PRICE QUOTES. We offer free consultations with exact price quotes (No Hidden Charges & Absolutely NO Bait and Switch pricing).
  5. ENVIRONMENT SAFE. We provide ethical cleaning service- and use only 100% natural cleaning agents that are safe for your children and household pets.
  6. STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT AND CLEANING METHODS. We use only the newest technology truck mounted equipment and enzyme-based carpet cleaning treatments. We take the extra step of drying your carpet and when we leave your home your carpet will only be damp to the touch and usually dry within hours.

Unlike other cleaning companies, we do not only specialize in just Carpet Cleaning. Our services are also dedicated for Tile Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Water Damage and Restoration and Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitation.

Tile Cleaning Service Montebello CA
With our high quality services we will bring around the original brilliant appearance of your floors. Deep cleaning with greater heat, pressure, and extraction eliminates extra dry soil than any other method.

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Upholstery Cleaning Service Montebello CA
Lounge Suites, Sofas, arm chairs and other upholstered furniture receive a lot of attention, especially in a home with children or pets. Although dirt and stains are inevitable in a home, they don’t have to be permanent.

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Water Damage Service Montebello CA
When water damage from flooding or leakages threatens your home, our professional expertise to stop or mitigate the distressing effects of water damage can have in order to help preserve and restore your damaged property.

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Air Duct Cleaning Service Montebello CA
One of our main focuses is to secure your home against unwanted contaminants which are habitually neglected. We do this by Air Duct Cleaning, Vent Disinfecting, Dryer Vent Cleaning and more.

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To learn more about our Carpet Cleaning Services, please call 323-477-2556 or send an e-mail to for your free consultation.